Or who i have become... Just a few words about my past and thoughts for the future.


Until now

I was born on the 5. of December 1990 in Celje, Slovenia. I started climbing in 1997 and soon became national champion in youth category. In 2004 I joined youth national team and 4 years later the bouldering adult national team. Because there was no bouldering discipline in youth categories, I was only competing in lead and speed. In 2005, I became youth World vice champion in speed and took 1st place year later, at youth European Championship.
Finally my passion for climbing turned to my own good, when I made finals on World Cup in Vail (USA) in 2010. Since than, I became even more motivated and until 2014 took many podiums on very prestige world class competitions, so I could become World vice Champion of 2014 in bouldering. All my hard work finally paid off in 2018 season, when I finally became an overall World Cup champion.

I really love to compete, but my passion for outdoor climbing is even bigger. I love all types of climbing. So far I have achived some really outstanding ascents. From really short and powerful boulder lines to very long endendurance multi pitches. I aslo repreated the most iconic and hardest DWS climb in the world, Chris Sharma‘s Es pontas on Mallorca. So far, I have done more than 600 routes and boulder problems with a grade of 8a (5.13b) or more. I also did some first ascents up to 9a+ (5.15a) and 8c (v15) boulder problems.


In future

My love and passion for climbing is growing every day and even though I have achieved more than I would have ever dared dreaming about in competition climbing, I want to stay in the World Cup circuit and do well for as long as I can.

However, I want to put more time and energy into outdoor climbing. Switzerland and Spain are one of my favorite places to go climbing, but I'm also ready to explore new places. I‘ll be keep going out there and try to finish some hard boulders, sport climbing and trad. lines. Climbing also got this wonderful opportunity to be part of the Olympic games. As bouldering is my prime discipline, I want to improve in lead (and speed) climbing, so I can get a chance to compete in Tokyo 2020.



2nd place, World Youth Championship Bejing 2005
1st place, European Youth Championship Veliko Tarnavo 2006
4th place, boulder World Cup Vail 2010
4th place, boulder European Championship Innsbruck 2010
1st place, CWIF master Sheffield 2011*
1st place, Adidas Rockstars Stuttgart 2013*
3rd place, Adidas Rockstars Stuttgart 2014*
2nd place, boulder World Championship Munich 2014
1st place, Arco Rock Master 2014*
2nd place, Ratikon Master 2015*
3rd place, Adidas Rockstars Stuttgart 2015*
2nd place, Studio bloc master 2016*
2nd place, Mataro master 2017*
1st place, Studio bloc master 2017*
2nd place, The rock Ljubljana 2017*
3rd place, World Cup Nanjing 2017
3rd place, Blocshop Montreal 2017*
4th place, Combined European Championship 2017
2nd place, Magnificent 5 Giubiasco 2018*
3rd place, Studio bloc master 2018*
1st place, World Cup Meiringen 2018
2nd place, World Cup Moscow 2018
2nd place, The rock Ljubljana 2018*
2nd place, World Cup Tai'an 2018
3rd place, Psicobloc A Coruna 2018*
3rd place, Arco Rock Master 2018*
1st place, Psicoblock Bilbao 2018*
2nd place, World Cup Munich 2018
World Cup overall winner 2018
1st place, Adidas Rockstars Stuttgart 2018*
6 times national champion
9th place overall combined 2018 (Olympic format)
3rd place, La sportiva legends only 2018*

*Master competition: not always official IFSC event, but with many World Cup competitors


Metafizika 8c FA, Jurklošter 2018
The story of 2 worlds 8c, Cresciano 2013
Catalan witness the fitness 8c, Cova del ocell 2017
Meningitis 8b+ FA, Golobove pečine 2015
Expression of the uniuqeness 8b+ FA, Golobove pečine 2014
Hide and sick 8b+ FA, Maltatal 2016
Ninja Skills 8b+, Sobrio 2016
5x 8a+ boulder flash


Es pontas 9b second ascent ( DWS), Mallorca 2016
Dugi rat 9a+ FA, Vrulja 2018
Massacrate 9a+ FA, Golobove počine 2015
Bi herri, borroka bat 9a, Cova del ocell 2017
Water world 9a, Osp 2018
In time 9a FA, Sopota 2014
Botulin 8c+ FA, Kotečnik 2011
Eskimo 8c+ FA, Maltatal 2017
Za staro kolo in majhnega psa 8c+, Mišja peč 2016
Psi 8b+ on sight, Maltatal 2016
6x 8b route on sight
Graceland 8a+ solo, Golobove pečine 2013


Ortega- Camacho 8a on sight (multi pitch), Montsant 2014
Hattori Hanzo 8b+ 2nd go and 2nd ascent (multi pitch), Titlis Nordwand 2015
Gaia e9 6c 2nd go, Black rocks 2017
Umazana igra 8b+ green point, Kotečnik 2017
Vražji Robert 8b+ 2nd ascent (trad. multi pitch), Osp 2018
Stara 8b+ 2nd ascent (multi pitch), Osp 2018

Catalan witness the fitness 8c Cova del ocell 2017

Es pontas 9b second ascent (DWS), Mallorca 2016